People You Should KNow

Interviews with New York's Underground

New York has too many musicians.  Some you should hear about and do.  Some you hear about and shouldn't.  Most are people you don't hear about and should.  So many albums are being made by great songwriters, bands, artists, or composers that they don't get all the recognition they deserve.  This is a series for those guys, the people who should be heard of.   People who you should know but don't.  Time to get to know them!


Ep. 1: Jordan Ziskin


For the inaugural episode of this series, I chose my dear friend supremely gifted songwriter, Jondan Ziskin.  He is the epitome of the person you should know.  A very happy-go-lucky person by nature, he is a deeply thoughtful and surprisingly personal songwriter.  After his debut EP, Rendezvous by the Liaisons, Jordan began to work on what would be come a full album and chose me to produce it.  As of now, Crazy Child is in mastering and is set to be released by the end of 2018.  We talk a lot about each track as well as Jordan's background, process and future plans.

Note: We did have to switch rooms toward the end so there is a bit of a sound difference.

Ep. 2: Jon Sheckler

Drummer/Composer/ Producer

Ugh....this guy.  Jordan Ziskin takes me out for a drink and we get into my personal history, writing, producing, the advantages of NYC, the formation of Linden St. Connection, and some other random questions.  We did this all while listening to some bangers at the Keep in Ridgewood, Queens.

Ep. 3: Sean Britt


I’m not great at predicting the future, but I’m sure that Sean Britt will be a part of it.  On the outside, he is a happy, humble, joyful guy but once you get to know him….he is a happy, humble, joyful guy.  On top of playing with him in my trio, he is the first musician invited to join Linden St. Connection and the first artist that I approached as a producer.  I love this guy and it was great to get him over to the apartment and listen to his take on the creative process, the Brubeck Institute, and his upcoming record.


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