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Releasing 9/28/2023


Highway 27: Welcome

After five years, New Orleans based drummer/composer Jon Sheckler is proud to announce the release of HIGHWAY 27. Following his critically acclaimed 2018 album Cityscapes, Jon went through a series of changes. During the pandemic, Jon moved from Brooklyn to New Orleans and enrolled at the University of New Orleans where he added to his impressive resume. In addition to the multiple scholarships and honors given by his faculty, Jon was the recipient of a 2021 Downbeat Student Music Award for his composition “Medicine Leaves” and was chosen as one of three ASCAP Louis Armstrong Scholars in the country. While ar UNO Jon was a first call musician, working with Grammy winners Brent Rose, Victor Atkins, and Andrui Yanovski as well as New Orleans legend. Steve Masakowski.

His new album, HIGHWAY 27, show an artist who has found his voice. Showcasing his musicality and affinity for subtlety, Jon’s compositions reflect his love of his new hometown. From the 6/4 street-beat of “50 Ring Gauge,” to the delicate beauty of “Days In The Sun,” through the playful shuffle “Cloud Touches,” and the deep funk of “Eephus,” HIGHWAY 27 exudes joy while subverting expectations. Not one to shy away from the compositional spotlight, Jon continues his storytelling excellence with the long-form title track. The Scofieldian “Abednego,” kooky burner “Supergroop,” and R&B drenched “Mish Mash” inject lightness and fun into the album. Overall, HIGHWAY27 is a showcase of a fully formed artist.

The unusual ensemble features first rate talent from New Orleans. Guitarist Mike Clement, heard on the right channel, is another first call musician who has worked with Leroy Jones, Ashlin Parker, and Donald Harrison in addition to releasing his debut album Unfinished Business in 2022. Guitarist Christos Melios, featured on the left channel, is fresh off his grammy nominated work with Sean Ardoin and is the guitarist for Russell Batiste. Ex-New Yorker Jim Greene has played with a litany of young lions including Ian Hendrickson, Doug Belote, and Charlie Denard.

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HIGHWAY 27 will be available on all streaming platforms September 28th, 2023.

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